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Programme Details

The ASUR Programme seeks to undertake research and development that will advance knowledge and technology towards the realisation of specific concepts and will enhance the capability of current systems. Whilst Dstl set strategic direction, it is the ASUR Consortium that manages execution, coherence and exploitation of the programme output.


  • Timely provision of new concepts and advanced technologies.
  • Support to the development of UK Defence capability.
  • MOD has access to advanced technologies through the industrial and academic supply chain.


To focus the future direction of autonomous systems’ underpinning research in order to develop and advance autonomous systems capability to resolve perceived future defence operational requirements leveraging civil research where appropriate.


  • Resolve identified barriers and challenges to the development of autonomous systems and provide a framework or plan for technology integration and capability development.
  • In effect, ASUR is a portfolio of critical, relevant underpinning S&T research to support autonomous systems for Air, Surface and Sub-Surface applications.


Please click here for a full list of the nearly 100 ASUR projects that have been undertaken.